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inguz audio

inguz audio
out comes music


Transparent digital EQ and room correction system for the (discontinued) Logitech Transporter® & Squeezebox™ wireless network music players.

DSP processing pipeline (C#) and SqueezeCenter plugin (perl, HTML). Open source software (MIT license)

One day, I bet Daniel that my (cheap and partly hand-made) stereo could sound as good as his (expensive hand-picked components), with a little signal processing.

Resolving this took a few years' learning, a gapless DSP convolution engine, a very smooth filter generator, transfer function measurement with exponential sweeps, resamplers, acoustic room treatment, compression drivers with directivity control, dipole bass, and all that.

I think we both won.

Open baffle loudspeakers are amazing, by the way.

Magical-sounding dipole bass and compression driver with CD horn


Microphone positioning chart

live and direct


Field and location recording.

For ambience, I like the Core Sound TetraMic Ambisonic surround microphone.

Surround sound is enveloping and fascinating. As well as field recording, field playback is fun too.

Also, hanging out in bars or in the countryside with a microphone.

social media

Patent 8755919

"Pushbutton radio frequency identification tag for media content delivery", US patent 8755919.


I wrote this up for a ThinkWeek. The idea is nice and simple:

Digital media (movies, music, etc.) should be distributed on paper. Paper with a pushbutton: "play".

We spend most of our time in a physically social environment.
That's almost the definition of "quality time".

The affordances of phsyical things
structure the ways we play with them together.

There aren't enough good design patterns for this.


Patent 8010487

"Synchronization and collaboration within peer-to-peer and client/server environments", US patent 8010487.


Practical methods for integrating centralized and masterless databases, client-server and peer synchronization. Co-authored with several others in the Groove team.

Mixes of central and distributed data will probably be very common in the future.

This patent reads like a "kitchen sync", it contains a lot of stuff.

Many strong ideas and practical techniques to deal with

  • centralized and decentralized databases,
  • heterogeneous data models,
  • synchronization conflicts,

and all the other edge cases of sync.

old words

ASR33 teletype image with personal significance

The Architecture of Lotus Notes

Written long ago, this still gets cited.

One of my first big articles as a product manager.

Magazine scan

(followed by another 9 closely-typed pages).

I think you can find an HTML version here.


cabezal, "so far: a head"

old presentations, old weblog

machine:salem, wannabe maker space

machinesalem-arduino-libs, various Arduino libraries

teensy-i2s, library for I2S on Kinetis K20 (ARM Cortex M4)

Minsky circles, playing with iterative sines & cosines

The SICP lectures as an audio podcast

retronet, nostalgia as a service

saṅkhārā, links


LP cover


"During the next several years I intend to work
on an epilogue to the industrial age"(Illich)